CAP Communication Awards – 2013

CAP Communication Awards – 2013

Innovative communication Winners 2013

Важно за земеделските производители

Наръчник за ДИРЕКТНИ ПЛАЩАНИЯ 2017 (Пълен вариант)

Visit to Gorno Aleksandrovo, Lozarevo, Aitos, Troianovo, Sredec, Burgas (30 August 2014)

Assessed new proposals for initiatives in Gorno Aleksandrovo - 08/30/2014

Vesselin Trendafilov, Stefan Hristov and the partner “Sviat bez granici” – Stara Zagora tripped to several towns where we got familiar with the proposals for several initiatives.

First we visited Gorno Aleksandrovo, where we reviewed several potential initiatives. The first initiative came from Nayden Hristov, whose intension was to purchase sheep […]

Visiting beneficiaries in Brestovica (15 August 2014)

Агрономически консултации на участници от с. Брестовица - 15.08.2014 г.

Dimitar Georgiev and Stefan Hristov visited 2 beneficiaries of the Foundation in v. Brestovica. We visited two cherry orchard gardens owned by the first beneficiary. Second we visit the wineyard of the second one. We examined the orchards and the wineyard and gave recommendations for the growth.

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