CAP Communication Awards – 2013

CAP Communication Awards – 2013

Innovative communication Winners 2013

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Наръчник за ДИРЕКТНИ ПЛАЩАНИЯ 2017 (Пълен вариант)

Assessed new proposals for initiatives in Kyustendil (27 February 2014)

Working with the partner's organization in Kyustendil - Association LARGO - 02/27/2014

Team of Landsource of Income Foundation (Vesselin Trendafilov, Mariana Shishkova and Stefan Hristov) visited our partner “LARGO”– Kustendil, where we discussed several new proposals for initiatives.

The first idea concerned purchase of young cherry trees for establishment of a cherry orchard. The initiative requires relevant small investments at the early stage […]

Monitoring of initiatives and explore new proposals in Rakitovo (21 February 2014)

Monitoring initiative for displacement of agricultural holding "Purchase meadow" in Rakitovo - 21/02/2014

A team of experts (Vesselin Trendafilov, Dimitar Georgiev, Mariana Shishkova and Stefan Hristov) visited our partner Bydeshte Foundation, Rakitovo. They inspected the work of the foundation. We reviewed already fulfilled initiatives, as well as the opportunities for the realization of new ideas.

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