CAP Communication Awards – 2013

CAP Communication Awards – 2013

Innovative communication Winners 2013

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Наръчник за ДИРЕКТНИ ПЛАЩАНИЯ 2017 (Пълен вариант)

Visiting traders dealing with bale packing machine second hand (24 October 2014)

Research initiative "Purchasing bale packing machine" - 10/24/2014

Vesselin Trendafilov, Dimitar Georgiev, Stefan Hristov and an applicant from v. Sheinovo visited 3 companies dealing with agricultural equipment second hand. We examined the available machines. We discussed with the sales representatives the prices and discounts. The assortment of bale packing machine was poor. We should regularly visit the sellers in order to […]

Visit to Stara Zagora, Ploska Mogila, Han Asparuhovo, Zimnica, Dabovo (17 October 2014)

Working with our partner's organization Foundation "World without Borders" - Stara Zagora - 10/17/2014

Vesselin Trendagilov, Mariyana Shishkova and Stefan Hristov visited our partner “SVIAT BEZ GRANICI” Foundation – Stara Zagora. We reviewed their reports for the activities past 4 months. We planned our next visits for reviewing several proposals for initiatives on site, too.

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Chemical analysis of soil (10 October 2014)

Chemical analyzes of soil samples from participants' lands in the program 10/10/2014

Dimitar Georgiev, Rosica Emilova and Stefan Hristov analyzed the chemical composition (Ammonium (NH4+ N), Nitrate (NO3– N), Potassium (K+), Phosphate (PO4-P)), acidity (pH) and soil activity in soil samples gathered from lands of different beneficiaries. Soil samples were taken according to standard methods. Our goal was to determine the nutrient reserve of the […]