CAP Communication Awards – 2013

CAP Communication Awards – 2013

Innovative communication Winners 2013

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Наръчник за ДИРЕКТНИ ПЛАЩАНИЯ 2017 (Пълен вариант)

Visit to Yambol and Stara Zagora region (26 Juny 2014)

Assessed proposal to buy a bale packing machine in Shejnovo - 06/26/2014

A team of experts consisting of Dimitar Georgiev, Vesselin Trendafilov and Stefan Hristov visited foundation “BOLNI OT ASTMA”- Yambol, where we were introduced to two proposals for initiatives.

First initiative discussed in the office of the Foundation along with a young Roma family was for the purchase of cows. They intended […]

Training workshop for agricultural producers (17,18,19,23 May 2014; 20-23 Juny 2014)

Representative of Land source of income Foundation, Stefan Hristov, as a lecturer presented several topics on a training workshop for agricultural producers held in Smolyan. The main topics presented were Pollution of air and Pollution of water. It’s discussed the impact of agriculture on air and water quality. The regulatory framework concerning the […]

Visit to Kyustendil, Lilyach, Dupnitsa (16 Juny 2014)

Monitoring Initiative "Purchased cherry orchard" in Lilyach - 06/16/2014

Our team consisting of Vesselin Trendafilov, Mariana Shishkova and I visited “LARGO”– Kyustendil in order to review funded initiatives.

First we visited a purchased plot with building for Valeri Lekov, where we found situated bee hives, as well as new cherry tree and few vegetables planted. The land was well maintained, the […]

Visit to Razgrad and Balgarene (10 June 2014)

Assessed proposal for the purchase of land in village Balgarene - 06/10/2014

A team of Dimitar Georgiev, Vesselin Trendafilov and Stefan Hristov visited our partner in “INTEGRO” – Razgrad. The purpose of our trip was to discuss on site one of the initiatives for purchasing land in village Bulgarene. The land was just over 3 dkas with wall nut trees (2 years old). The applicant […]

Assessed new proposals for initiatives in Stara Zagora and Bourgas region (02 June 2014)

Assessed new proposal for purchase of bee families in Balgarovo - 06/02/2014

A team of Mariana Shishkova, Vesselin Trendafilov, Stefan Hristov and our partner “SVIAT BEZ GRANICI” – Stara Zagora inspected two potential initiatives on site.

The first one was situated in the village of Bulgarovo. The initiative comprised the purchase of bee families. The plot where they should be situated was […]