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CAP Communication Awards – 2013

CAP Communication Awards – 2013

Innovative communication Winners 2013



Visit to Rakitovo (10 November 2014)

Vesselin Trendafilov, Mariyana Shishkova and Stefan Hristov visited our partner “Budeshte” – Rakitovo. The aim of the visit was to review all the papers of the initiatives and reports for their activity. We discussed with the partner the new proposals for initiatives. We visited on site and talked to an applicant over his proposal. The proposal came from Milevi family concerning the purchase of a windrower. The preliminary estimations showed that the initiative would cost 2000 lv. The initiative was prospective. It’s necessary to be gathered quotations from dealers after that the initiative would be discussed in details.

The second proposal came from Asen, an applicant from Roma origin. He had been a participant in the project before. His intensions were also for the purchase of windrower. Also he wished to fence his yard, and would need approx. 350 m mesh and about 1000 cement bricks. The calculated budget of the initiative was 1.1 lv per brick and 30-50 lv for a roll of mesh (1 roll is equal to 10 m). The windrower had a price of approx. 2000 lv. His proposal included many activities. Our decision was the initiative to be split into two. The first initiative should be the purchase of fence material and on later stage to implement the second initiative for the purchase of windrower.

A proposal that was on conceptual phase concerned the purchase of equipment. The applicant was building a store. The applicant was not certain for the assortment of goods to be sold. The building was big and spacious. He’d like to sell grocery and in the other half of the building to be transformed it in breakfast shop. The building was still under construction, the proposal would be reviewed again after the building’s finished.

The next proposal for initiative came from Maria Baeva. The applicant and her family owned a shop. In addition they owned a camper that gave as a rent during markets, fairs, etc. all summer. Satisfied with the results achieved and taking into account the needs expressed by their clients, the family wished to expand their activities and increase the variety of items offered in the shop. To ease their work they needed combi oven, kneading machines and washing machine. The new equipment should optimize the working process and they would start to offer breakfast in the shop and the camper as well. The camper was clean and neat, and complied with the requirements for selling breakfast. The applicant was familiar with the projects terms and conditions. They had readiness to participate with own funds on the amount of 30%. They had already searched for professional equipment in the nearby city of Velingrad and opted for several models. We visited on site the seller in Velingrad. We talked with the manager regarding the purchase and discussed all the details of the deal. The equipment was of good quality. The proposal for initiative was good and would proceed with the implementation.

We checked on fulfilled initiative for the purchase of milking machine. The animals at the moment of our visit were grazing. The beneficiary was pleased the investment.